Diagnostic Service



This is a diagnostic charge only, there may be some cases where the repair charge is built-in for minor repairs.

*All other repairs will be subjected to an additional repair service charge.*

Price is $110 for labor only. Scheduled completion time is 1HR.


Off-Site Service Available for $60. Call for Details.

20% Senior Citizens discount available!


10% New Customer Discount Available!




PC Diagnosis

This diagnostic charge will cover finding the source of your problems that includes a software and hardware analysis of your PC and Wireless equipment. Once the issue has been detected a total billing order will be issued to the client that includes repair with the diagnostic charge. It's PC DOC  main purpose to assist each and every client towards reaching the next step towards getting their computer and wireless infrastructure to a clean bill of health.

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email: Dwayne Starks at PC DOC ONSITE, LLC



This service charge is the follow-up to my diagnostic service. After diagnosis is performed, I will recommend the best solution to solve your problem. Those issues could range from replacing hardware components(ram, hard drive, motherboard), repair your operating system (boot issues, blue screens), adding memory components, and removing viruses/spyware.

Price ranges from $30 up to $115 dependent on repair needs.

Scheduled completion time is 2 -3 Hrs.