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Need help learning how to use that new computer you just brought? Call now to get the needed training so you can maximize your ability to operate your pc properly and efficiently.

Learn how to use your PC with this 1hr personal training lesson. Pick several topics and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Materials covered can be printed out or emailed to you for future needs.


Training Topics Include but not limited to:
  • Basic operation of pc functions
  • email operations
  • pc peripherals including ipods and cameras
  • data backup options and recovery


Price is $100 for a 1hr training. Additional time is $80 hr.  

20% Senior Citizens discount available!

10% New Customer Discount Available!


scheduled completion time is 1hr for standard training.

Any recommendations for training material that I should cover? visit me on my blog at blog.pcdoconsite.com and let your opinion be heard.